Moon Bitcoin Bot Script

Just like we reviewed, moon bitcoin is a one of favorite faucet because their give us bitcoin easily, almost similar with cloud mining our bitcoin is growing  time untill we claim it. We can leave it and comeback to the web anytime we want if to claim it but the the speed of growing will be slow down over time, so more you often to claim it more you will get the bitcoin.

Perhaps you will get around 1000 satoshi if you claim once a day or around 20.000 satoshi a week if you often to claim it, now House Of Bitcoin will give you a script that make you get more bitcoin from this faucet, want it?? you just fill the captcha bitcoin and claim over and over, but first you have to prepare nine bitcoin addresses and follow instruction below :

1. Download Mozilla add-ons iMacros.
2. Install it, After you instal it, the iMacro will be appear on your tool bar.
3. Download Mozilla add-ons IPFlood.
4. Install it, the IPFlood will be appear too on your toolbar after you instal it.
5. Download the script
6. Put the script into iMacros folder
7. Click iMacros on your toolbar and will show iMacros sidebar.
8. Search the script, moonbit script.iim.
9. Right click choose edit macro.
10. Enter Your Bitcoin Addresses just like picture bellow

After you fill all of your bitcoin addresses to the script, click save & 
close button.

11. Fill the loop on the iMacros sidebar how many you want to looped.
12. Enjoy it!!!

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